Adora is a group of projects where we will run travel agencies, real estate agents, healthcare services, and more. These projects enhance the core functionality of Adora Coin (ARA), designed for usability and speed.

You can not only hold but also trade, swap, staking, lending Adora Coin on many exchanges and the most important thing is that you can use Adora Coin as a payment on our ecosystem and our merchants. From buying coffee to booking a package tour to buying real estate, Adora makes your life so much simpler.

Adora Coin aims to be near-instant, very low fees or feeless cryptocurrency with advanced technology, high security, and environmentally friendly.


—Our vision is to become a popular and friendly cryptocurrency that provides advanced ledger with high security for everyday use for all users. Adora Coin itself plays a very important role in our ecosystem landscape, the backbone to sustainability and growth. Through Adora Coin and its ecosystem, we offer users the benefit from the unforgettable experience of digital money in their everyday lives.











You can hold Adora ERC-20 Tokens with MetaMask or Trust Wallet, then add Adora using our Adora contract.

(If you've already have MetaMask installed on your browser, click here to add Adora to your MetaMask)

If you are new to these wallet, you can find more guiding here:

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