Announcing the Adora Token (ARA) launch

Date Modified: 30/7/2021

We are excited to announce the date and details of the Adora token (ARA) launch.

Users can purchase ARA tokens directly on BigONE and Biconomy exchange by the end of August, 2021. Further instructions and informations will be announced on


What is Adora

Adora is a group of projects where we will run travel agencies, real estate agents, healthcare services, and more. These projects enhance the core functionality of Adora Coin (ARA), designed for usability and speed. From buying coffee to booking a package tour to buying real estate, Adora makes your life so much simpler.

At first, we started our projects with ERC-20 Token, while we were developing our own blockchain. Users will be able to swap their ERC-20 Tokens to Adora Coin at a 1 x 1 ratio later.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a popular and friendly cryptocurrency that provides advanced ledger with high security for everyday use for all users. Adora Coin itself plays a very important role in our ecosystem landscape, the backbone to sustainability and growth. Through Adora Coin and its ecosystem, we offer users the benefit from the unforgettable experience of digital money in their everyday lives.



Name: Adora Token

Symbol: ARA

Issuance price: $0.02

Max supply: 888,714,888 ARA

Total supply: 888,714,888 ARA

Intial circulating supply: Approx 160,000,000 ARA


Token Distribution

50% : Liquidity & Staking Rewards

22% : Strategic Partners

18% : Community Sales

5%   : Marketing & Promotion

5%   : Development Funds


Adora Token (ARA) ERC-20 contract:



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